The Plant Powered Show’s Easter Feaster Cookbook

Delicious plant-based recipes to make and enjoy for the Easter holidays!

Easter Feaster Cookbook
Enjoy making, serving and eating delicious plant-based meals and conscious cocktails over the Easter holidays with our easy-to-follow and easy-to-make recipe book. From yummy starters to mouth-watering mains and damn good desserts, as well as a range of refreshingly healthy drinks, it’s the perfect guide for anyone looking for healthier (and meat-free) meals that pack a plant powered punch!

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Easter Feaster Cookbook
An easy-to-follow cookbook containing:
  • Delicious plant-based meals from curries, pies and bourguignon to ratatouille, tacos and assorted salads.   
  • ​Perfect puddings and Easter treats including koesisters, cakes, Easter eggs and more.
  • A selection of virgin cocktails and refreshing drinks.
  • Carefully curated meat-free meals and healthier fare for a healthier, fitter and more sustainable lifestyle.
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